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Snowsound® Acoustic Panel
SKU: SP-00009


Snowsound® technology attains acoustic correction easily and quickly, in new areas as well as in existing spaces. The need to live and work in quiet spaces, reducing the annoying acoustic reverberation is finally met with this innovative product ideal for resolving a variety of needs.

Our level of sophistication strives to be even higher, and we no longer treat our surroundings based on their form and colour, but on more refined elements, namely sensory elements. Of these, sound is perhaps the least considered, but it is surely one of the most important elements, especially when considering that damage to hearing is as yet irreparable. Scientists and industry experts expect the issue to become increasingly a topical interest, and for acoustic comfort to become an indispensable need for everyone.

The issue of acoustics is very complex, extremely simple and non-invasive solutions are needed to resolve it. The project developed with Caimi is an acoustic panel that is made with one single material, polyester, which in addition to its excellent absorbent qualities is completely recyclable, as it does not contain any other materials. Mitesco and Flap Acoustic Panels are light, colourful and sufficiently basic to be used even to personalise the surrounding area, as it can be fully inserted in a contemporary context. It can be hung and supported on a stand: it is practical and inexpensive.



  • Available in a range of ceiling panels, screen panels, wall panels and panels on a stand
  • Snowsound® has been tested in a reverberation room according to UNI EN ISO 354 standards obtaining 'Class A sound absorption' to UNI EN ISO 11654 standards
  • Available in a choice of 12 colours
  • Money back performance guarantee

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