Height Adjustable

One of the most important principles when working in an office, is that you need to move every 20 minutes. Experts tell us that the human body is designed to move, we aren't designed to sit still. So if you're using a standing desk or height adjustable desk, you aren't standing immobile all day. You're fidgeting, shifting, dancing, stretching, doing yoga poses, and you're switching from sitting to standing throughout the day.


Enabling employees with the choice of sit or stand desks is an important decision for any organisation.  It has become well known that sedentary desks decrease efficiency and productivity.  Employee absence due to neck and back pain or other work-related complaints can be expensive.  Office environments differ greatly, as do employees who are often not the same height or build, but they place great demands on the human body.  We were not meant to sit in one position all day, our bodies were made to move.


Height adjustable desks can play a key part in the assisting organisations to help their employees remain healthy.  Employees may see improvements to health, especially their back and neck muscles. It can increase productivity by enabling employees to adjust their desks regularly during the day and as a result improve brain activity.

Here at Interiors that Fit, we supply a range of height adjustable desks to provide operators with the ability to easily and conveniently adjust the working height of their desk.  This allows operators to vary their position and work in both a sit or stand position throughout their workday.


Whether your need is for considering long-term employee benefits, a return to work situation or a temporary employee, Interiors that Fit offer a range of options to suit every need and budget.  Please note that to get the most out of a standing desk, standing at work should be mixed with correctly sitting in a good chair and the correct ergonomic positioning of your workspace.