Task chairs also known as clerical, work, desk, office chairs or task seating are designed to provide the user with essential comfort and ergonomics whilst seated at an office desk, pod or workstation. It is essential that task chairs are comfortable, appropriate to the task being undertaken and easy for the operator to adjust.

A task chair is the main item of an office desk or workstation that provides adjustability for comfort and enables the work heights to be controlled. Key factors to consider when determining if the chair is appropriate for the person and the job are listed as follows:

  • it should be adjustable to the task and be easily adjusted from the seated position
  • the seat should be height-adjustable, preferably utilising a gas lift for ease of adjustment
  • the seat should have a curved front edge, to minimise pressure on the underside of the thighs
  • the seat should be able to tilt slightly backwards or forwards
  • it should have a supportive backrest that is adjustable in height, angle and depth
  • both the seat and backrest should be covered by upholstery cloth or some other type of material that breathes such as mesh
  • it should have a five-star base for stability
  • armrests are optional; they help decrease the forces on the shoulders and back during rest from keying. If provided, armrests should preferably be adjustable in height.

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